10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a DJ

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a DJ

As more DJ and entertainment companies enter the market, you, as the consumer must be savvy. More companies means a wider selection of services and price ranges however, it also means there are many less than reputable companies in the market.

When selecting a DJ service you want to find a vendor that will deliver a quality product/service at a reasonable price. Keep in mind that price should not be the only determining factor. Cheaper companies are often cheap for a reason. However, if you do your homework and research you should have little to worry about.

After visiting websites you should narrow down your search to 3 vendors and then contact each one either by email or telephone. Do they answer the phone when you call? If not, how long does it take them to respond to you? This can be a good indication of their focus on customer service.

Once contacted, here are 10 questions you should ask:

1. How long have you been in business? Ideally the DJ you choose should have been in business for at least several years and have a proven track record of successful events. You want to make sure they will still be in business when on the day of your wedding or special event!

2. Do you have references? If you are dealing with a reputable DJ he or she should be able to provide you with a list of satisfied clients. What do their past clients say about them?

3. Where are you based out of? Where is your office/Do you have an office?

4. Are you licensed and insured? Many venues now require DJs and other vendors to carry liability insurance. This is a good way to weed out those less than professional businesses.

5. Is there a contract? Will you receive a written contract stating the responsibilities of both parties?

6. Have you been at my venue before? Is the DJ familiar with your venue, where to set up, the load in procedures, etc?

7. What kind of back up plan do you have in place in case there is a problem at my event? What will he or she do if something goes wrong on the day of your event or at your event? Is there back up equipment available? Will they have an assistant or back up person they can call for support?

8. What kind of equipment do you use? You want to make sure your DJ uses high quality professional grade equipment.

9. What types of packages do you offer and what do they include?

10. How much do you charge and how many hours does price cover? Are there any taxes, “hidden” fees or travel fees?

As stated before, the cheapest price may not be the best deal. After you have gathered these important facts you are in a much better position to make an informed decision.

To find out more about booking a professional DJ for your wedding or special event visit: www.djsheldon.com or www.djsheldonhanson.com.


May 30th, 2017

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